HSE Policy

Sakhalin Rope Access Services was created in 2008 and to date has accumulated extensive experience in the field. SRAS can rightly be considered the leader in the field of rope access in the Sakhalin region.

Our goal is to provide qualified services for maintenance of industrial facilities, that correspond to world standards of safety, quality and reliability.

Our principles for ensuring industrial safety, health and Environmental safety:

  • Demonstrate leadership role in the management of issues of safety;
  • To ensure priority of preserving life and health of workers and the environment;
  • Implement and maintain a high safety standard adopted by an International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association - IRATA International;
  • Conduct regular inspections and audits on the performance of work safety with the notice of the results of the employees and other interested persons;
  • When making decisions to take into account the requirements of normative and legal documents of the national legislation and assess hazards, followed by management;
  • At all levels of management to seek the involvement of all employees to the management of security and safety, risk assessment, implementation of prevention and control;
  • To recognize the right of any worker to stop work in the event of a potentially dangerous situation;
  • Provide the information space for the free and informal exchange of experience in the safe performance of work in the field of industrial rope access;
  • Ensure organizing the training and re-validation for personnel in accordance with the requirements of national legislation and the International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association - IRATA International.

Company's management takes on the obligation to provide the resources necessary for the implementation of this Policy and bring it to each employee.


Managing director   Daniel Volosovich