Quality policy

Sakhalin Rope Access Services was created in 2008 and to date has accumulated extensive experience in the field. SRAS can rightly be considered the leader in the field of rope access in the Sakhalin region.

The Management of Sakhalin Rope Access Services are fully committed to succeed in business by providing a industrial services using rope access of the highest possible standard in a timely and cost effective manner, which satisfies both the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and IRATA International Standards.

This will be achieved by means of providing a framework for monitoring the effectiveness, suitability and continuous improvement of the overall SRAS Management System through internal audits, external audits and on-going reviews of the company’s quality policies, manuals, procedures and objectives.

Our primary Quality Objectives are to:

Provide industrial services using rope access technique to the highest industry standards that meet our customer’s requirements.

Maintain and implement the Approved Standards and approvals process.

Increase numbers of customers and industrial services using rope access technique provided by SRAS.

Aim for continuous improvement through a rigid monitoring process.

SRAS are totally committed to maintaining a Quality Management System and it is mandatory that all personnel accept this responsibility and comply with the specified system requirements.

This policy is made known to all employees through the company’s induction program, individual distribution, and prominent display on the company’s notice boards and emphasized during internal training programs.

Managing director   Daniel Volosovich